How Often Should You Clean the Gutters?

You’ve listened to what ‘they’ say and installed gutters on your home. You further heard them talk about keeping the gutters clean and free and clear of debris and dirt. But, what you may not have heard mentioned is when you should clean the gutters. Rather than take a guess and hope for the best, learn the right time to clean the gutters and call the professionals when it is time for service.

For most homeowners, gutter cleaning galt ca is needed about twice per year. This is usually in the spring and again in the fall, although it is best to determine when to schedule the service according to the condition of your gutters. Sometimes extreme weather or other circumstances can cause the gutters to become dirty and need cleaning well before the anticipated time. It is important to keep the gutter clean at all times.

The exception to the twice per year rule is for people that have pine trees in their lawn. Since these trees tend to have more leaves falling and produce sap, the gutters may become filled quicker. If there are pine trees in your lawn, quarterly cleaning is probably best. You should schedule the service once each season to keep the gutters looking their best.  Since gutter cleaning costs are reasonable, even a quarterly cleaning schedule is easy to maintain.

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Adhere to the proper gutter cleaning schedule and you’ll enjoy the protection that you signed up for when you installed the gutters on your home. Don’t waste your hard-earned money by installing the gutters but failing to keep them cleaned the way they should be cleaned!  Plus, you will have fewer worries when you’re confident that your gutters are clean and free of debris that could damage the foundation to your home.